Bring Rustic Style through Cottage Decor

Do you have a plan for spending your long holiday? Where will you go? I think most people like to go to the place that far from crowd. You may go to the beach or mountain. You will get the serenity in there. No more crowd and traffic jam in there. Also, the weather is so fresh. You usually spend your holiday with your family or your friends. In there, you may stay in the cottage. Cottage is a small house that provided for the people who spend their holiday in the beach or mountain. During the holiday, you usually hold the little events, such as dinner, barbecue party, birthday party, etc. Of course, you need cottage decor. What does cottage decor look like? Is it complicated? Keep calm! In this article, I want to give some explanation about cottage decor.

Cottage decor should be applied because it can make your cottage look more beautiful and inviting. Actually, you can bring rustic style through cottage decor. Why? Because cottage decor looks natural and unique. Generally, cottage building is made of natural materials, such as wood and natural stone. So, of course, cottage decor is very suitable for cottage building.

Applying cottage decor is so simple. You only prepare some materials that you get from nature. Usually, there are many things that you can get in the mountain or beach area. In the mountain area, you can use many kind of flowers and plants for cottage decor. In the beach area, you can use anything from beach, such as beach sand, shell, stone, etc. Then, let’s start to decor.

The first is mountain cottage decor. Flowers and plants can be placed in the pot or vase. You can put it on the table. The other way, you can patch the flowers on the wall of cottage. Of course, it will be beautiful. The second is beach cottage decor. You can put some beach sand and stone in the bottle. Shell can be used for wall decor. Look! It’s so nice.

Besides that, you can also use the antique or vintage things for cottage decor. Just use your imagination and have a nice try!

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